Philip Mckay.

Award-winning digital artist from Liverpool, UK

It was in 1996 when I entered the world of digital art. i never took it serious i was just learning about layer masks, smart objects, masking and the 3d side of photoshop.

over the months i was getting more experience with photoshop and i was creating my own artwork.

i was just trial and error and i still had a lot of learning to do. i was reading more about creating digital art and buying magazines and asking for advice on photoshop forums.

it was a a lengthy process having to learn like this with no education at all of learning photoshop or graphic design, everything i learned was self taught. my experience was improving all the time.

moving forward in years my artwork was getting noticed. i was invited to take part in exhibitions all over the world, doing interviews in magazines, creating art for book covers for famous authors and winning awards globally. after years of learning and studying and to be honest it was a struggle having to learn digital art, things were really looking up for me to get this far in the art world.

i was creating art all the time but i never had a any direction as to what i really wanted to create. i never had a theme or a subject until i discovered the art of rene magritte and storm thorgerson.

when i saw the artworks of these two artists it was then that i decided what style and medium of art i wanted to create. surrealism and scenes of idiotic places.

rene magritte is a belgian surrealist artist. born in 1898 died 1967.

his artwork has inspired me so much. he creates surreal art of everyday life with scenes of unreality

storm thorgerson was a english graphic designer best known for his album artwork mainly designing pink floyd album covers. his art has really influenced me.

and to the present day so far. i am really proud for what i have achieved with my art. to get this far with my art in the art world has been a fantastic journey. it has been a struggle with so many setbacks but i just kept going and never giving up.

Software used to create my art:

Photoshop CS6 Extended
Topaz Labs
Vertus Fluid Mask
wacom intuos graphics tablet

we all shine on